The Jdryers were inspired by a vintage wall mounted drying rack Juliet found in the 350 year old cottage she had just  bought which hadn't been updated since the 1950s. After carrying out research into the old drying rack at Kew Records Office, visiting a Patent Lawyer and doing an intensive global search and finding that there was nothing like it on the market, she embarked on re-designing it and bringing the brilliant and simple solution to drying back to life.


Jdryers are British-Made and Juliet is very hands-on with the manufacturing and assembly and checks each one prior to delivery.



Made of high quality Marine Grade Aluminium with Stainless Steel fixings.


Long armed - 3.3m of drying space.

Maximum width when open - 120 cm

Length of arms from wall when outstretched - 64cm .


Short armed - 2.4m of drying space.

Maximum width when open - 94cm

Length of arms from wall when outstretched - 48cm.

Overall height of the Jdryer with the rods down, from the top of the bracket to the ends of the rods,  - 57 cm


The standard Jdryer fixes to the wall with three screws. The Easyhook hooks over doors.


The Jdryer is a Trademarked and Registered Design.


For any enquiries please send an email to [email protected]


Thank you.





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Juliet Howland is the designer of the Jdryer

and owner of The Jdryer Company.



Winchester, England  - Home of The Jdryer.

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