The Easyhook Jdryer is a new, portable version of the Jdryer and is perfect for travel, camping, beach huts, motorhomes, festivals, rental accomodation, student accommodation and anywhere where attaching a standard Jdryer to a wall is not possible.


It is a short armed Jdryer (see 'About the Jdryer') and comes in two sizes, wide and narrow, and is available in four colours - Duck Egg Blue, Marine Blue, Yellow and Turquoise. The balls on the ends of the rods are black plastic.


WIDE- For car and van doors and any door with a maximum width of 6.25 cm.

NARROW - For standard doors and any door with a maximum width of 3.75 cm.


It comes in a fabric bag which also contains a rubber bumper, a strip of adhesive foam and spacers  to allow for door width variations and paint protection if needed.


For any enquires, please send an email to



(Includes postage and packing to addresses within the UK)


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